A Contract Management Course to Build your Career

Business handshake to seal a deal

Many things go into making ideal contracts with your suppliers which can have a big impact on the profitability of your organization. Negotiating successfully does not necessarily mean obtaining things at the cheapest costs, you may also require to negotiate other factors like payment terms, delivery times, goods’ quality, etc.

An ideal course for contract management

All the components that go into contract making and management are taught in the CICCM certification program. CICCM stands for Certified International Commercial Contracts Manager. It is offered by the IPSCMI (International Purchasing and Supply Chain Management Institute), a prestigious professional institute in the field of purchasing and supply chain management.

What does the course equip candidates with?

The CICCM program enhances one’s skills and knowledge in the practices of contract management in the international commercial environment, helps candidates learn the execution of contract life cycle and escape common pitfalls, and empowers them to become a commercial contracts manager in any of the sectors of global economy.

Candidates having Commercial Contracts Certification therefore get promoted to managerial positions in the industry of purchasing and supply chain management. So, their earning increases. Surveys say that certified professionals make 48% more than salaries their uncertified colleagues.

How to get trained for the certification?

IPSCMI offers the training for this certification through its global network of alliance partners. One of its esteemed alliance partners in the UAE is the ITI Institute. This highly acclaimed institute offers a slew of professional training courses including the CICCM to upgrade the expertise and knowledge of the candidates, brainstorm them, share the best practices and advanced industry trends; and enable them to innovate and excel.

What does the CICCM training program include?

Many concepts involved in contract management are encompassed by this course. These include administrative responsibilities, contract administration concepts, dispute resolution procedures, financial responsibility procedures, different contract types, the impacts of various  types of contracts on administration, supplier management concepts, work control procedures, closeout of contracts-procedures, administering contracts which need the usage of buyer-provided property, compliance procedures, expediting procedures, termination of contracts- procedure, claim avoidance and processing, and contract financing.

Who would benefit by getting CICCM certified?

Lawyers involved in the contracting process; contract and business managers; professionals in contracts, materials, supply chain management, and purchasing; international sales and marketing personnel; export-import dealers; and anyone who would like to obtain training in international commercial contracts management.

We invite interested candidates to get enrolled in the CICCM training program offered by the ITI Institute, and thus build their career!

Register today for the Impressive Program to Obtain Commercial Contracts Certification . For more visit : http://itiinstitute.org/coursesuae/international-commercial-contracts-manager.html .