A way for Supply Chain Managers to become Industry Professionals

Supply Chain and Logistics Professionals

Supply Chain Management Certification has a significant role to play in most businesses. It is essential for the company’s success as it ensures ultimate customer satisfaction. So, it is essential to produce supply chain managers who are industry professionals. Apt training and qualification in this line would help them perfectly carry out their roles and responsibilities.

The IPSCMI (International Purchasing and Supply Chain Management Institute), an authoritative body in the field of purchasing and supply chain management, offers training and certification programs in this field. CISCP and CISCM is a two-step qualification offered by it. These courses help candidates to gain adaptability, skillsets and disciplines in supply chain management. This way, these programs help in establishing their career.

IPSCMI offers these courses via an alliance network spread all over the world. One of its renowned alliances in the UAE is the ITI Institute. This institute offers world-class training for the CISCP – CISCM certification, and thus helping professionals in supply chain and logistics carve out top notch careers.


CISCP stands for Certified International Supply Chain Professional. It is the foundation level program. It trains the candidates in History and Concepts in Logistics and Supply Chain; International Trading; Production and Distribution Game; ERP, MRP, Project Management; Inventory Management; Materials Management; Quality and Supply Chain Management; Purchasing, Negotiating Skills; and Supply Chain Management Drivers. It also imparts them with the necessary skillsets in these areas.


CISCM stands for Certified International Supply Chain Manager. This advanced level program trains candidates in Strategic Global and Organizational Issues; Supply Chain Risk Management; Procurement & Supply Chain Management; Supply Chain Strategy; Transportation, Warehousing and Distribution; Contracts Management; Process Analysis, Production; and Operational Excellence in SCM. The CISCM training program reinforces knowledge with group discussion and case studies. It also imparts them with the necessary skillsets in these areas.

Who should take up the course?

The course has been designed for logistics professionals. Logistics professionals from any industry can take it up. It is mandatory that candidates successfully complete the CISCP foundation course before moving onto CISCM course. The initial course focuses on operations and planning while the advanced course on planning and strategy.

By successfully completing the course, candidates will become one among the elite brand of “Certified International Supply Chain Professionals”. These professionals get the opportunity to get better recognition, rapidly climb up the corporate ladder, and earn lucrative wages.

The ITI Institute understands that it is difficult for working professionals to find time in this fast-paced world for undertaking such courses. So, it offers the CISCP-CISCM fast-track mode program to help candidate get trained and avail certification in a limited period of time. We invite logistics professionals to get enrolled in it!

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