Business Administration Courses for Organizational Needs

Business AdminstrationEvery firm has a main stream of business. For keeping it operational good administers are needed. When a firm has a good team of administers, the mainstream functions go smoothly without any delays and interruptions. Business or office administers perform functions including overseeing daily operations of the firm, developing process improvement strategies, implementing business ethics principles, studying economic and market trends, managing budgets, and implementing best leadership practices. And, in business or office administration, managing people is the tip of the iceberg.

Office and Business Administration Certifications educates candidates in administrative procedures, business operations, records management, supervising and overseeing of business operations, and human relations. The American Certification Institute (ACI) has designed the Certified Office Administrator (COA) / Certified Business Administrator (CBA) certifications for training candidates in office and business administration.

Objectives of the COA / CBA program

The COA / CBA training and certification program helps candidates understand the functions and activities involved in managing an organization, the basics and concepts of office and business management, the process of business management, the characteristics of contemporary business environment, and the techniques required for carrying out administrative operations successfully. It helps candidates gain vital managerial skills, make decisions pertaining to human resource within their organization, and analyze the approaches used for managing business operations.

The course imparts them with technical, administrative, human relationship, basic financial management, record keeping, communication, communication, entrepreneurship, customer relationship, stress management, file management, leadership, business and managerial skills; helps them develop their personality and body language, and enables them to work independently as well as in groups.

The right candidates for the COA/CBA program

The COA / CBA training and certification program is suitable for executive assistants, front office managers, receptionists and office administrators. By taking up the training for this certification, candidates will gain and build competencies needed for the profession.

The COA/CBA course curriculum

The COA / CBA program seven modules including –

  • Module 1- What is office administration?
  • Module 2- Business communication
  • Module 3- Team building and human relation skills
  • Module 4- Telephonic etiquettes
  • Module 5- Principles of Management
  • Module 6- Time management
  • Module 7- Stress management and personality development

The benefits of the COA/CBA program

The COA/CBA tag gains recognition for the candidates in the business administration field in any industry; imparts them with a competitive edge; enable them to grab lucrative job in the field.

The ITI Institute, a reputed management and training consultancy firm in Dubai, has tied up with the ACI to offer the COA / CBA certification to interested candidates. We invite such individuals to get enrolled in the course.

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