Muhammed Younus

It is an informative and highly prestigious certification program for everyone who is currently working or wish to work in Logistics/Supply Chain Industry

—Muhammed Younus

Sanjay Kohli

I found the content very useful and the trainer very knowledgeable and helpful. The course material given to us was very elaborative which gave us a broad understanding of the subject. I would highly recommend the course to other individuals in the same field

—Sanjay Kohli


I would like to take this opportunity to say how much I enjoyed doing this course. It’s really an excellent course and has helped me and I would definitely recommend it to anybody who is interested to learn more

—Shanil Ravindran

Sankaranarayanan Krishnan

I enrolled for the CISCP course as I did not have any formal training. And I am thankful that I made the right choice- It gave me a broad understanding on Logistics and Supply Chain management

—Sankaranarayanan Krishnan


Excellent Trainers & up to date modules will make a globally Certified Professional. I found both of these aspects in the “CISCP” training &thank you for making me an Internationally Certified Supply Chain Professional!!

—Haider Abbas


The training material was up to date and the trainers were excellent. Thank you for making me an internationally certified Supply Chain Professional.

—Prasanth Nair


The course covers A-Z information & facts in Supply Chain activities/operations. The textbooks and lessons tackled in each session are also comprehensive.

—Amal V Kurup

Sarath Kumar

The training was very interactive and participatory. Liked the way the training was structured &conducted. The course was tailored to fit the busy lifestyle of working professionals like us .Thank you for the wonderful learning experience!!!

—Sarath Kumar


I would say thank you very much for giving me this opportunity to attend this marvelous course provided by your institute. The ten weeks training period was a great experience earned & it’s so well practically applicable in my daily official career.This training has made my job easier forme and now soon I am ready taking more responsibilities



The combination of excellent course materials, engaging lectures and state of the art business simulation was yet another example of how current and practical the program was. The overall experience was simply amazing and assisted me greatly in becoming a globally certified Supply Chain Professional