Competent Certification Courses for Six Sigma Certification

Six Sigma TrainingMany organizations today are offering Six Sigma Training and Certification to their front-line employees and key managers in an effort to gain market advantage. The Six Sigma process utilizes scientific measurement tools that enable businesses to improve their weak areas and strengthen their assets. Individual professionals who include a Six Sigma certification to their profile stand out of the crowd. Several surveys have revealed that Six Sigma certified individuals earn better and achieve their long-term career goals quicker. Thus, both organizations and individuals are benefitted from Six Sigma certification.

SSGB and SSBB Certifications from the IQF

The International Quality Federation (IQF), the largest membership organization committed to quality, is a global certifying body for Six Sigma professionals. This organization offers training for the Six Sigma Green Belt (SSGB) and the Six Sigma Black Belt (SSBB) programs by collaborating with renowned training institutes across the world. ITI Institute in UAE is one of its allied partners. It offers world class training for these courses.

Across the world, the candidates who get SSGB certified are known as Green Belts, and those with the SSBB certification are called the Black Belts. The Green Belts work in teams, and are led by the Black Belts.

Why take up a Six Sigma Training and Certification program?

  • Six Sigma is a well – accepted concept in the corporate world.
  • It is applicable across all industries and all types of projects.
  • This process enables firms to reduce costs and enhance productivity.
  • It enables accurate decision-making in the organization.
  • It reduces defects and inefficiencies, and thus improves the quality of projects.
  • Applying Six Sigma to a firm’s operational procedures increases customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Certified Six Sigma professionals can aid in significantly increase the ROI.

Benefits of Six Sigma Certification

Six Sigma certified professionals are better preferred across industries than their uncertified colleagues. They also make 30 to 40% more money than their counterparts. Since they showcase better skills and abilities, they are regarded as valuable assets of the organization, and hence enjoy career advancement. The industry wide knowledge they are equipped with places them in better career positions and enables their exponential career growth.


The Six Sigma Training and Certification is an investment that candidates make on themselves and their organization. Those individuals who are interested in taking up the training for SSGB or SSBB certification; and those organizations who are interested in providing the same to their employees are invited to take it up from the ITI Institute, UAE.

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