six sigma certified professional Black Belt & Green Belt Certification

From the International Quality Federation

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  • University applicable to all industries and help professionals to eliminate defects within any business process.
  • Decision-making in the professional world is accurate when it's based on the six-sigma process.
  • Six Sigma professionals understand the most pressing issues with the organization,how to identify the new approaches in troubleshooting and resolving problems,making appropriate decisions on moving forward, and implementing changes within the infrastructure and organization for the best results possible.
  • Reduction of unproductive work and leveraging of talent internally to solve problems rather than outsourcing.
  • Generation of result oriented action that drive for change.
  • Essential for business that need process improvement and change.
  • Higher productivity rate and many changes throughout the entire infrastucture when 6 sigma training implemented

Six Sigma is a highly disciplined process that helps us focus on developing and delivering near-perfect products and services. Organizations that have implemented Six Sigma or those who are employing Six Sigma Certified Professionals have seen drastic improvements in their quality, productivity and profitability. Six Sigma certified people are in high demand in all industries, especially in Banking, Retail, Logistics and SCM, Purchasing, Manufacturing etc. The program makes extensive use of MS-Excel for data analysis. At the end of the program the Green Belts can lead Six Sigma projects as well as effectively support Black Belts in breakthrough projects.

International Quality Federation

The International Quality Federation (IQF) is an organization designed to connect quality professionals The IQF offers Green Belt, Black Belt and Master Black Belt certification. IQF certifications are recognized throughout the world because of the rigorous exams and detailed project work required. Master Black Belt certification also requires teaching and mentoring experience.


Project implementation is the job of the Six Sigma Green Belt.Green Belts are the members of the Six Sigma team who are trained to implemement Six Sigma projects under the guidance of the Six Sigma Black Belts.They will implement theses projects so that they can achieve desired goals within a company. The implementation of projects is carried out with the other regular responsibilities of the Six Sigma Green belt.Green Belts will find that they spend around half of their total work time,on an average ,working on and being involved with Six Sigma projects.The Green Belts are aware of all important activities that are being carried out foar a project along with the Black Belts.

Green Belts will need to be able to explain the importance of Six Sigma to the company they are working for and the processes within that company.Green Belts will be trained to us various Six Sigma tools that are neede carry out the data collection for validating their measurement system.Green Belts must also have an extensive knowledge on the DMAIC paradigm and processes as well as extensive knowledge on statistics.


Within the Six Sigma hierarchy,Black Belts are the leaders. The major role in the Six Sigma Black Belt is overseeing teams of Green Belts,who are responsible for most of the actual Six Sigma work within the hierarchy.For a Six Sigma student to earn a Black Belt,they must master the Green Belt curriculum as well as show that they have a clear understanding of the more advanced concepts of the Ssix Sigma methodology.

Six Sigma students aspiring to become Black Belts must also show that they clearly understand the lean enterprise theory and must also show their understanding of the DMAIC paradigm.

Six Sigma Black Belts have the responsibilities of overseeing Green Belts ,and who can move up to Master Black Belt and beyond from this position.Black Belts will double check the work of the Green Belts, and may even able to improve on the overall work of the Green Belts.

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Samuel John
The Six Sigma Black Belt program in ITI institute elevate me to a level which can excel in my career. I appreciate ITI institute to use the potentials of DR. Chellapathy , an excellent trainer for Six sigma green and black belt courses.
Justine Jacob
The leaders from the industry are in charge of the lectures with a spice of their work experience with some of the best companies around the world. The training I got from ITI can be applied as soon as I am in my office.
Mohammed Saeed Almehrezi
The training and certifications of six sigma green and black belt which originated by ITI Institute in Dubai were very inspirational, energising, insights for ideas, with both substantial and in-depth knowledge together with case studies.