Efficient Program for Becoming a Commercial Contracts Manager

Commercial Contract Manager Training ProgramsCommercial Contract Management Courses involves arranging formal business agreements between two firms. Contract managers establish deals by coordinating the process and ensuring that both the parties understand their responsibilities, rights and deliverables. Since business contracts are legally binding, professionals involved in this field should be highly skilled and knowledgeable in all the facets of commercial contract management.

This makes apt certification and training all the more essential for commercial contract managers. The International Purchasing and Supply Chain Management Institute (IPSCMI) offers the CICCM (Certified International Commercial Contracts Manager) certification to aspiring contracts managers. This article tells you more about this.

What does a commercial contacts manager do?

Commercial Contracts Management involves many stages – from presenting the initial proposal, to transacting the agreement terms, to renewing or terminating the contract upon its expiry. Professional Contract Managers also interpret, enforce and manage existing contracts. Some firms may have a single contract manager to supervise all facets of their commercial contracts management, while others may have a team of specialists who jointly work on different steps of the process. Depending on their role and level of seniority, the responsibility of these professionals will considerably vary. However, even for entry-level positions, companies prefer hiring certified contracts managers so that they can handle these complex tasks skillfully.

How can one benefit from the CICCM certification?

The Certified International Commercial Contracts Manager (CICCM) program imparts candidates will the skills needed for managing contracts in the international commercial environment. The CICCM tag demonstrates to employees – both current and future, that the candidate is knowledgeable and skilled, and can carry out his responsibilities well.

What is the CICCM program’s course outline?

The CICCM course discusses various aspects under the following heads -

  • Influence of laws
  • Contracts
  • Bid process and rules
  • Tender process
  • Best practices
  • Requirements – definition and description
  • Contract pricing principles
  • Contract types
  • Change orders and modifications
  • Selecting appropriate contract types
  • Contract administration and close out
  • Drafting guidelines and recommendations
  • Financial administration of the contract

How can one obtain the training for this certification?

IPSCMI provides the Contracts training and certification by collaborating with individual alliance partners. One of its esteemed alliance partners is the ITI Institute, a reputed training institute in UAE. This institute’s world class training, industry experienced trainers, and practical oriented training sessions prepare the candidate for the CICCM certification from the IPSCMI.

We invite professionals in contracts, supply chain management, purchasing, and materials; contract and business managers; export-import dealers; lawyers involved in the contracting process; international marketing and sales personnel; and any other interested candidates to obtain the training for CICCM certification from the ITI Institute, get certified by the IPSCMI, and grab lucrative contracts to strengthen their business.

Join the Efficient Program to Become a Commercial Contracts Manager.For more visit: https://itiinstitute.org/coursesuae/international-commercial-contracts-manager.html.