Excellent Training Ambiance for Six Sigma Certification

Six Sigma CourseOrganizations around the world prefer employing Six Sigma professionals. This is because of the well accepted fact that these professionals help improve their operations, reduce costs, eliminate inefficiencies, and achieve their long term objectives. The International Quality Federation (IQF), a global certifying body for Six Sigma professionals, offers two certification courses called the Six Sigma Green Belt (SSGB) and the Six Sigma Black Belt (SSBB).

It offers training for these courses by collaborating with several training institutes spread all over the world. One such training partner is the ITI Institute in UAE.

ITI Institute – Providing Excellent Training Ambiance for Six Sigma Certification

ITI Institute in UAE is an allied partner of IQF. It provides world class training with its distinguished state-of-the-art facilities, innovative teaching techniques, customized solutions, and well-structured learning modules. This upgrades the expertise and knowledge of the professionals, sharpens their skills, shares with them the latest industry trends and best practices, brainstorms them, and makes them to innovate and excel in the field. Thus, candidates become well equipped to clear IQF’s rigorous exams and perform the detailed project work required.

ITI Institute offers the SSGB training under 6 modules and SSBB under 13 modules. Many individuals and firms have benefitted by taking up the SSGB and SSBB training from the ITI Institute.

How would you benefit from the Six Sigma certification?

Six Sigma certified professionals would benefit in the following ways –

  • Earning 30 to 40% more wages than their uncertified counterparts.
  • Getting preference over other job applicants.
  • Enjoying career advancement.
  • Gaining a competitive advantage.
  • Enjoying peer recognition.
  • Demonstrating their commitment to excellence.
  • Displaying a theoretical proficiency in quality methods and principles.
  • Experiencing exponential career growth.
  • Gaining increased abilities and skills.
  • Becoming valuable assets of the organization they work for.
  • Positioning themselves well during career changes owing to their industry wide knowledge.

Thus, the Six Sigma credential becomes an investment the candidates make in themselves, their career, and the interests of their employer.

How does an organization benefit from the Six Sigma certification?

Six Sigma is a universally applicable concept. Companies that apply this are able to remove defects from their operational procedures, improve their weak areas, strengthen their assets, make apt decisions, save money and time, recognize the most urgent issues of their firm, come up with ways to resolve problems, invent ways to progress, execute the needed modifications to get the best possible results, and achieve their goals quickly.

An invitation

The ITI Institute invites interested candidates and firms to avail the Six Sigma training offered by it, and be on their way to success!


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