Ideal Logistics and Supply Chain Certificatons for Career Opportunities

Logistics and Supply Chain ProfessionalLogistics and Supply Chain industry plays a significant role in driving the growth and development of economy. It employs numerous people in diverse positions in both entry and advanced level job positions. As per the BLS, employment in this industry is expected to increase by 22% in the period between 2012 and 2022. The average salary earned by logistic professionals was found to be $72,780 in May 2012. Candidates are employed as logistics managers, inventory managers, supply chain directors, integrated programs directors, supply chain planning managers, etc.

Firms employing them usually prefer candidates with educational qualifications to back their knowledge and skills. Certifications testify these, impart credibility to their bearers, and enable them to enjoy hiring preferences and higher salaries over their uncertified colleagues. These certification courses will cover topics like administration, ethics, organization, finances, marketing, conflict resolution, statistics and international business.

Two such renowned certifications from the IPSCMI (International Purchasing and Supply Chain Management Institute), an authoritative body in the field, are the CISCP (Certified International Supply Chain Professional) and the CISCM (Certified International Supply Chain Manager). This article provides more info on these courses.

CISCP – CISCM certification

The CISCP-CISCM program is a two-step qualification, with CISCP being the basic level and CISCM- the advanced level. This dual certification enables candidates to play their job role responsibly by cultivating specific skillsets, adaptability and disciplines in them. This program is offered by the IPSCMI around the world through its network of alliance partners.

Modules in the CISCP training program

  • Logistics and supply chain history and concepts
  • Materials management
  • Inventory Management
  • Purchasing
  • Negotiating Skills
  • International Trading
  • Production and Distribution Game
  • Supply Chain Management Drivers
  • ERP, MRP, Project Management
  • Quality and Supply Chain Management.

Modules in the CISCM training program

  • Procurement & Supply Chain Management
  • Supply Chain Risk Management
  • Supply Chain Strategy
  • Contracts Management
  • Transportation, Warehousing and Distribution
  • Operational Excellence in SCM
  • Strategic Global and Organizational Issues
  • Process Analysis, Production.

Group discussions and case studies are also provided in this program to reinforce knowledge.

Who should take up the CISCP-CISCM program?

All aspiring logistics professionals would benefit from the CISCP program, while logistics professionals who want to climb to senior management positions would benefit from the CISCM program. It is mandatory that one gets CISCP certified before enrolling into the CISCM program.

The training center matters

One’s success in getting certified with the prestigious CISCP-CISCM program relies to a great extent on the training institute from which he obtains training from. The ITI Institute in UAE is one of the alliance partners of IPSCMI. Interested candidates can obtain world-class training from well-reputed trainers here for the CISCP-CISCM certification program.

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