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Seminar Date
17th Nov 2017 (Friday)
6pm to 9pm
Park Regis Hotel
(Valet Parking Available)
The Concept of Lean Management has been gaining increasing importance in business thought for decades. At it core Lean Management is about achieving more and more with less. It's focus is the optimization of process to improve performance, quality and innovation, and through this driving cost efficiency.
Seminar will highlight alignment of role of future HR which needs to shift from "Transactional HR to Transformational HR".
The concept of Lean & Six Sigma in HR is an attempt to efficiently bring together quantitative and qualitative manpower resources, and to further optimise HR Processes to the benefit of the Organization and create real calue for the customer.
What you will gain from this Seminar?
  • What is Lean Management?
  • What are the principles of Lean Management?
  • How HR & Lean Management complement each other?
  • How to apply Lean & Six Sigma in HR
Mark Khevin
+971 565411031