Short Duration Courses in Supply Chain Management


A supply chain comprises of everyone involved in getting your product in the customers’ hands. Raw material collectors, transporters, manufacturers, wholesale warehouses, stock rooms, in-house staff, etc are involved in the supply chain.  The tasks and functions contributing to shifting that product, like sourcing, marketing, quality control, and procurement are also included in the supply chain.

In short supply chain is the infrastructure required to get those goods. And supply chain management refers to the act of supervising and managing a supply chain to make sure of that it is operating to its maximum level of efficiency.

Supply Chain Management Programs

Educational and certification in supply chain management concentrate on the fundamental facets of the supply chain, including techniques to improve procurement, and manage all the tasks involved in procurement, sourcing, logistics, production, and customer relations. The vital components of coordination and collaboration with channel partners like customers, intermediaries, suppliers, and third-party service providers are also included in these programs.

Today’s global market has shifted its demand from mere logistics professionals to enterprise heads who can plan and design new processes and make sure that they are in accordance with the new world procedures.

CISCP-CISCM is an important two-step qualification offered by the International Purchasing and Supply Chain Management Institute (IPSCMI), USA. CISCP stands for Certified International Supply Chain Professional; and CISCM for Certified International Supply Chain Manager. This dual certification offered by the IPSCMI is a prestigious globally-recognized qualification. Those logistics professionals taking up this program learn innovations and new skills required to handle modern production, shipping, and distribution methods.

CISCP is the entry level and CISCM is the advanced level certification in Supply Chain Management and Logistics training program. The course mainly focuses on the strategic aspects of Supply Chain Management and Logistics. Upon successfully completing this course, logistic professionals can get promoted to the senior management level positions.

Career Opportunities

The demand for knowledgeable and skilled Supply Chain Management professionals is increasingly growing in government agencies and business organizations. The annual salaries of entry-level professionals range typically from $30,000 to 45,000. These professionals are employed in a variety of avenues including Wholesale, Services, Manufacturing and Construction Companies, Government Agencies (cities, counties, state, and federal), Retail Stores, Distribution Firms, Educational Institutions, and Public Utilities.

With that said, we would like to suggest that you get enrolled in CISCP-CISCM dual certification program in Supply Chain Management offered by the Blue Ocean Academy.

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