Top 10 Benefits of Getting PMP® Certified


A PMP® credential ushers in great opportunities for a project manager, career wise. It enhances your project management skills, demonstrates your ability to handle challenging projects, expands your market search, and increases your salary immensely. Here below are listed the 10 ten benefits to getting PMP® certified.

1. Dramatically heightens your salary : A survey conducted in 2011 says that PMP® credential holders averagely earned 16% more than their uncertified counterparts in the US. Further, the statistics generated by a leading job search engine,, says that PMP® project managers have the scope of making six figured salaries in the US.

2. Skill development : The course helps in developing your existing skills like change management, people management, communicating with project teams, planning, stakeholder management and engagement, conflict management, leadership, developing critical success factors, and quality management. It also imparts new skills like pert charts; active risk management; procuring; planning, executing and monitoring projects; costing; and earned value management.

3. Sets you apart : The PMP® course imparts you with project management skills which help you stand out from the crowd. The educational qualification, the experience, and competency equip you to lead and direct projects.

4. Your PMP® skills get recognized worldwide : PMP® certified project managers get recognition in various fields of professions including telecom, technology, business processing unit, finance, commerce, research, etc.

5. Improves project performance : The skills that you gain via the PMP® certification course improve your work place productivity, and ensure that you complete projects successfully.
6. Displays your ability to handle challenging projects: The PMP® credential validates your experience and skills in successfully accomplishing critical and challenging industry-based projects.

7. You get challenging projects : Since your value as a project manager increases with your PMP® certification, your scope to direct, implement and lead challenging projects increases. Thus, you get to prove your skills under tough situations.

8. Provides greater job opportunities : The 2010 PMP® Pulse of the Profession study found that organizations that performed better project wise had over 35% PMP® certified project managers; and the PricewaterCoopers survey found that 80% of high-performing projects employ PMP® certified project managers. Thus you are presented with wonderful job opportunities in the global project management scenario.

9. Expands your market reach : The PMP® credential helps you get in contact with potential employers, past PMP® professionals and aspiring PMP® candidates from around the world through project management forums and discussion boards. This enhances your expertise via sharing knowledge, tips and ideas.

10. Helps perform better in the everyday work environment : The certification course helps put to use your knowledge and skills gained to effectively handle the different aspects of project management, and thus successfully accomplish goals.

So, earn your PMP® certification training soon!

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