Top Careers in Supply Chain Management and Logistics

Supply Chain Management and Logistics professionals coordinate and optimize all the steps necessary to deliver the right end-product to the right end-user at the right time. The career prospects for those with the required skills and interest in working in this field is increasing at a rapid rate. Just like in any other field, certain careers in Supply Chain Management and Logistics are more rewarding and in higher demand, than others.

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Four of the top paying careers are discussed here below

Demand Planning Analyst

The role of a demand planning analyst is to manage stock level, purchase goods, and analyze billing and inventory processes. When a business has too little or too much inventory, it has negative consequences. This is why the role of a demand planning analyst is quite significant. It involves quite a lot of quantitative analysis; and hence those interested in this job should have good mathematical skills.

 Procurement Manager

The role of a procurement manager is to buy goods for his company at very competitive prices. Those with excellent negotiation and communication skills will perfectly fit into this role. You will have to work with figures and establish professional networks. You need not necessarily be a graduate in Supply Chain Management and Logistics to be a procurement manager. Just taking up a relevant short course in this field will also do. You can begin as a procurement assistant, and gradually work your way up through years of experience.

Distribution Centre (DC) Supervisor

Distribution centre supervisors’ role is to manage the day-to-day activities of the distribution centre. They are responsible for minimizing losses, maximizing revenue, managing expenses, and ensuring that all products reach the customers at the right time. ADC supervisor has to carry out different complex tasks to ensure the smooth running of the processes. You can enter this career by taking up a relevant training course in supply chain management and logistics, and gaining practical experience in the field.

Supply Chain Consultant

The role of a supply chain consultant is to provide advice regarding inventory and vendor management. Their role is very significant for small businesses which need a third-party insight of their supply chain activities. Usually individuals enter this career through entry-level supply chain positions, and work upwards by earning additional qualifications and practical experience.

Supply Chain Management and Logistics is a vast field which encompasses a wide variety of specializations. By taking up one or more short duration courses, one can become eligible for various lucrative positions.

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