Why Become a Passenger Service Agent?

Become a Passanger Service Agent

Passenger Service Agents (PSAs), also referred to as flight customer service agents are professionals employed at airlines and airports to ensure the smooth travel of their passengers. They are responsible for meeting the requirements and safety needs of airport personnel and passengers. They aid customers before and after boarding the flight. These professionals also provide their support to other airport personnel like engineers and pilots.

Though specific job responsibilities of individual PSAs may differ, they usually handle load cargo, baggage claims, answer customer inquiries (on phone and in person), check rider reservations, assist passengers with special needs, sell and collect tickets, and other customer service-related functions. They may also be assigned to undertake administrative support responsibilities like customer check-in using database software, computer software, etc.

By taking up the PSA diploma course, one can become a PSA in the aviation industry. Listed below are more benefits of taking up the course.

Job prospects

The role of PSAs is of high priority in the airlines industry. Once you have successfully completed the PSA diploma course, you will be able to work with one of the big names in the airlines industry.  If you would like to enjoy a career in the cabin crew of airlines, a CBCR diploma is essential along with PSA. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics says that the employment of customer service representatives including PSAs is expected to grow in a faster than average manner i.e., approximately 10% between 2014 and 2024.

Knowledge gain

The course will enlighten you on different aspects about the aviation industry. Types of airlines, geography, regulatory authority, airport codes, theory of flight, aircraft familiarization, aviation terminology, ticketing, customer service, airport and ground procedures, passports and visas, airport flight handling agencies, baggage, foreign currency, ramp safety, and airport security and emergency. Thus, you will become well equipped to handle the role of a PSA.

Higher pay and benefits

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics says that all types of customer service representatives averagely earned $31,750 annually in May 2015. The PSAs upon gaining enough experience in the aviation industry can eventually move to higher paying positions. Smaller airlines pose lower competition. And their compensations are also lower than the larger airlines. PSAs may also be entitled to enjoy benefits like life insurance, retirement plan, sick leave, dental insurance, paid vacation, and free or discounted air tickets for employees and immediate family members.

Exciting acquaintances

This exiting job presents you with ample opportunity to meet and acquaint with people from diverse cultures and different nations. In turn it expects from you the knowledge and fluency in multiple languages, and the ambience to remain calm even under the most stressful situations.

Then why wait? Go ahead and get enrolled in the PSA diploma course now !!

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