Why take up the CICCM Course?

Certified International Commercial Contracts Manager CICCM Course

A profession in purchasing and supply chain management is a clear transition from merely placing orders to establishing and managing complete contracts with strategic suppliers. This has raised the need for these managers to develop and improve contract management skills and contract preparation. CICCM is the acronym for Certified International Commercial Contracts Manager. It is a certification course designed by the International Purchasing and Supply Chain Management Institute (IPSCMI) for US and international business practitioners. Listed here below are the advantages of taking up the course.

You develop knowledge and skills

The CICCM course helps you to increase your International commercial contracts management skills. It also imparts you with the required knowledge about the practices of contracts management pertaining to the International commercial environment. The program provides you with a general comprehension of the concepts of contracts management; helps you determine the performance of a supplier in any contract; equips you to solve issues arising during a contract, and maintain cordial relation with the suppliers; and enables you to maintain all documents and records pertaining to different contracts.

You get to strengthen your business

This program equips one with the skills and knowledge required for grabbing lucrative contracts. This way, the CICCM certified professionals in supply chain management, purchasing, materials and contracts; business and contract managers; international sales and marketing personnel; import-export dealers; lawyers involved in contracting procedures get to reinforce their business.

You gain a professional designation

Those candidates who successfully complete the CICCM program are awarded the CICCM designation. This designation can be used just the way similar recognitions are employed in insurance, law, accounting, medicine, and other professions. You can choose to use just the initials or the complete expression after your name on stationery, business cards, letter pads, email signatures, etc.

You get to climb the career ladder

There is a rapid growth in the need for organizations to implement effective commercial contract life cycle and management practices. Since commercial contracts are the essential basis for avoiding pitfalls, building business relationships, and achieving optimal results, those with CICCM certification enjoy a fair advantage in hiring decisions. Thus they climb to greater professional status in the field of purchasing and supply chain management.

Your pay packet increases

Since you climb up to managerial positions in the purchasing and supply chain management field with the CICCM certification, you get to earn better pays. Studies show that certifications help professionals earn forty eight percent higher salaries than their uncertified colleagues.

You demonstrate your commitment to improvement

When a purchasing and supply chain management professional enrolls into the CICCM program, his or her commitment to self-improvement and contribution to the organization’s growth is demonstrated. Besides, the certification by the IPSCMI also validates your newly acquired skills, knowledge and training.

So, why don’t you enroll yourself into this lucrative certification program?

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