3ds Max (3DS)

1) Course Description : The 3D MAX course is designed for those students who are interested in knowing the art of 3D animation. Under this course, students will be able to learn the techniques of designing and drawing images in 3D. Putting the textures in the work would also be taught in the 3D MAX course.

2) Course Objective : Below mentioned are some of the objectives of 3D MAX course

  • A person will learn the implementation of 3D graphics design
  • Teach the concepts of visualization along with designing the concept
  • Using the tools to make the 3D MAX designs
  • Provide information on the different sectors where 3D MAX technique is being taken into use

3) Course benefits : Below mentioned are some of the benefits, which a person can avail by taking the 3D MAX course.

  • High paid job in animation industry and information technology along with different sectors
  • Know the skills of using the tools of designing and making 3D art
  • Using the Your account mix factors in the various types of report, e. color schemes and visualization process to give the design a real look
  • Creation of animation in all forms that suits requirements

4) Program Outline : Below mentioned are the four modules under which 3D MAX course is being covered

Module 1 :

  • Basic Concept
  • Use of tools and buttons
  • Viewing Ports
  • Creating Objects
  • Import and export of files

Module 2 :

  • Material mapping
  • Working on the objects
  • Rendering scenes

Module 3 :

  • Editing
  • Use of modifiers
  • Inset Techniques

Module 4 :

  • Introduction to Software
  • Mastering mapping methods
  • Using shades
  • Color designs
  • Creating textures
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