Auto Cad (CAD)

1) Course Description : With help of this course, you will be able to learn the fundamentals of computer aided designs. Different techniques and methods will be provided to the students to learn about the concept of CAD. With help of this course, students will be able to understand the functionality of CAD along with creation and manipulation of CAD designs with ease.

2) Course Objective : Below online casino mentioned are some of the CAD course objectives

  • Prepare the students about the commands necessary for 2D art, designing and drafting measures
  • Navigation of CAD interface
  • Using the features of CAD
  • Use of drafting tools for creating better images
  • Presentation of drawings and visuals

3) Course Benefits : Below mentioned are some of the benefits of CAD course that you can undertake

  • Exporting and importing files
  • Linking files
  • Conceptual designing
  • Area analysis and space planning
  • Advanced component creation
  • Work sharing
  • Rendering technology

4) Program Outline : The CAD course is having a specific program outline that is mentioned below

  • CAD 210
  • CAD 220
  • CAD 230
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