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Diploma in Passenger Service Agent

Join Passenger Service Agent or Cabin Crew Training in Dubai and Learn the Operations Standard in the Aviation Industry & Interview Skills for the Cabin Crew Job. This Course is delivered by Industry Expert from UK 

Passenger service agents work to ensure the smooth travel of anyone who boards an airplane. These entry-level positions are available at airports and airlines across the country. There's no postsecondary education requirement for this career, though this position does require a high school diploma or equivalent (such as a GED). In addition, previous customer service experience can be key to employment.

passenger service agent, sometimes referred to as flight customer service agent, is responsible for the administrative and customer service of travelers. Like flight attendants, passenger service agents are responsible for meeting the needs and safety requirements of passengers and airport personnel. They assist customers before and after a flight. Passenger service agents also provide support for other airport personnel, including pilots and engineers.

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