Effective Purchase Management Solutions in Middle East

SpeechMany years back, purchasing involved “getting things at the lowest price possible.” This often was at the expense of a good relationship with the supplier and typically a compensation with quality. But, with the passage of time, things started changing. Purchasing evolved a cost-saving function in which contracts and supplier relationships were developed, focusing on cost-savings. These cost-savings typically were brought about via process improvements, product improvements, or supplier development efforts.

Today, the role of purchasing certification has an overwhelming impact on the core of the organization. It directly affects the sales and costs- the two forces that drive the profit. Thus, purchasing has now become every firm’s core competency involving finding suppliers, developing relationship with them, and ushering in valuable expertise. To become certified professionals and managers, certifications are essential. Two successive certifications offered by the American Purchasing Society (APS) act as effective purchase management solutions. These include the Certified Purchasing Professional (CPP) and the Certified Purchasing Professional Manager (CPPM).

CPP is the basic level course and CPPM is its advanced level. One can either get certified with CPP alone or opt for both CPP and CPPM certifications. The training for these certifications in the Middle East are brought by the ITI Institute, a leading training institute here.

Importance of CPP and CPPM

The CPP and CPPM certifications are the most renowned and the most valuable certification in the field of purchasing. During this extended economic downturn, every firm seeks to reduce costs in the supply chain to counteract slack top line growth. Skilled, trained and educated purchasing professionals are in demand to properly manage costs.

CPP and CPPM certifications are important from the employee and the employer point of view. As for the employee, these certifications directly correlate with their earning potential. For, with these certifications, they are able to get a better job and earn better. And as for the employers, they get to know the level of knowledge and skills of their job applicants. Based on whether their applicants are CPP and/or CPPM certified or not, they are able to either qualify or disqualify them.

Modules of the CPP and CPPM program

The ITI Institute offers world-class training for the CPP-CPPM program in a fast track mode. Individuals can get the complete training for these two certifications at one go in the shortest time possible. Those who are pressed for time can take up this program. The CPP-CPPM program widens the knowledge, understanding and skillsets of the candidates by training them via highly qualified industry experts under the following modules.

-Introduction to purchasing
-Procurement planning
-Procurement method
-Negotiation strategies
-Sources of supply
-Supplier ratings
-International sourcing
-Purchasing and strategy development
-Purchasing management
-Strategic management
-Purchasing consulting
-Essentials of international trading

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