English Courses (ENG)

1) Course Description : The English course, which is being offered, helps the candidate in developing the skills, which is required for writing, and conversing in English. The course will help in bringing the proficiency level of the candidates to a level through which they would be able to take their career to new heights. With proper strategies and implementation of plans, reading and writing skills is being developed.

2) Course Objective : Preparing the candidates to enhance their working capacity and ability to develop their skills in the organizations they are working. People from every part of the society can be enrolled for the English course. A set ground of practice is prepared for the candidates after whom they can draw conclusions in the correct manner for the work, which they are assigned. Starting from the basic of English, different styles of writing and reading along with conversation would be provided to the students.
3) Course benefits : Below mentioned are some of the benefits, which candidates can avail from the English course.

  • Will be able to develop the skills of translation
  • Difference between grammar and pronunciation of words
  • Practice speaking, reading and writing
  • Be proficient in learning UK and US English with ease

4) Program Outline : Below mentioned is the program outline of the modules, which will be undertaken during the course.

Module 1 Reading Skills
Module 2 Writing Skills
Module 3 Conversation Power
Module 4 Grammar and parts of speeches
Module 5 English Language and English Literature

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