1) Course Description : The four major points of English will be covered under the IELTS course. A person would be able to develop their skills in Listening, speaking, reading and writing. Through different models and modules, candidates would be able to develop the skills in the four important aspects of English so that they can develop their skills and knowledge base. As IELTS has become important for different phases of career, undertaking the course would be beneficial in various ways, which can profit you in the future.

2) Course Objective : Below mentioned are some of the objectives of IELTS course

  • Provide information about writing skills that has become a mandate in the corporate
  • Enhance the level of confidence while speaking in public on different topics
  • Reading different compositions and passages that can augment the reading casino online skills
  • Audio modules are created to help develop listening abilities

3) Course benefits :
Below mentioned are some of the benefits, which you can avail after taking the IELTS course.

  • Get a chance to international colleges where you can pursue your dream career
  • Global exposure and high level of job opportunities across the world
  • As IELTS is recognized internationally, you will be able to get a better exposure in all forms
  • The growth prospects are astonishing
  • Can be even better than TOEFL

4) Program Outline : The IELTS course is divided in four parts which is mentioned below Listening

  • Anticipation of text
  • Using graphics
  • Predictions from questions
  • Identification of answers
  • Identification of main words
  • Classification of words


  • Orientation
  • Content predictions
  • Keywords identification
  • Genre identification
  • Audience Identification
  • Understanding paragraphs


  • Description of facts
  • Making tables
  • Description of trends
  • Graphic representation


  • Self-Introduction
  • Fluency
  • Idea Linking
  • Learning the style and type of English
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