Passenger Service Agent – Airport (PSA)

1) Course Description : PSA or Passenger service agent is a diploma course that would be beneficial for you in finding a good job in the aviation industry. The role of passenger service agent is crucial in the airlines industry and this course of PSA would take you to new heights. Once you are finished with your PSA diploma, you will be able to work along with the big names in the airlines industry. Along with PSA, CBCR diploma is essential for those who are looking forward to have a career in airlines as cabin crew. After successful completion of this course, you will be able to get the chance of augmenting your career as a cabin crew with excellent growth opportunities.

2) Course Objectives :

Below mentioned are the course objectives of PSA.

  • Provide detailed information about the ground handling workings
  • Assistance, which is to be provided to the passengers on ground, will be informed during this course.
  • Multiple tasking on ground

Below mentioned are the course objectives of CBCR

  • Deeper knowledge about the responsibilities a person has to handle as a cabin crew
  • Handling vital situations and danger while on the flight
  • Information related to safety for the passengers

3) Course Benefits :

Below mentioned are the course benefits of PSA

  • Advantage before you start the training in any of the airlines
  • Cutting edge on other applying for the position of PSA
  • Will be able to meet people from different background and countries
  • High paying salary
  • Free travel perks

Below mentioned are the course benefits of CBCR

  • Preference Bidding
  • Additional Training and development
  • Travel Perks
  • Pension Scheme
  • Recognition and awards

4) Program Outline :

PSA program consists of 18 modules that are mentioned below :

Module 1: About Aviation industry
Module 2: Types of Airlines
Module 3: Regulatory Authority
Module 4: Geography
Module 5: Airport Codes
Module 6: Time & Time Zones
Module 7: Aviation Terminology
Module 8: Aircraft Familiarization
Module 9: Theory of Flight
Module 10: Airport & Ground Procedures
Module 11: Airport Flight Handling Agencies
Module 12: Customer Service
Module 13: Ticketing
Module 14: Passports & Visas
Module 15: Foreign Currency
Module 16: Baggage
Module 17: Airport Security & Emergency
Module 18: Ramp Safety

Below mentioned is the program outline of CBCR :

  • Air voyage, Ticketing and Tourism (Level I – Foundation)
  • Special commuter and luggage management
  • Airports and Aircrafts (usage and actions)
  • On-board flight services
  • Roles and tasks of Cabin Crew
  • Customer Care Service
  • Aircraft Safety guidelines
  • Disaster measures and Evacuation
  • Food and Beverage check Control
  • Swimming Techniques
  • First Aid
  • Foreign Language
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