Transform from a Traditional HR to a Business Partner with HR Certification

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The field of Human Resource(HR) has to drift to an all new level to successfully hold on to a suitable position among the list of competitors. Fortunately, the door to victory is wide open for human resource to reach the seat of a business partner. In the true sense, it always wanted to hold on to the position rather than being as a separate entity.


There is a day to day need for the human resource department require new strategies and clicks to thrive the competition ahead and only with which it will be able to carve out a strategic and tangible result. Certified human resource professional course is the right choice for you to be a business partner from just a traditional hr functioning and giving value to the organization.


Course Methodology


Human Resource Certification courses are designed based on several pieces of research and newest and most optimal practices in human resource management. It bestows a positive experience to the participants and gives you brighter insights to be a successful business partner. A blend of integrated activities like case studies, group activities and sharing experience is utilized throughout the duration of the course.


Participants will have to explore through various hr strategies, design key performance indicators and identify the competencies to emerge as a successful business partner. A course participation certificate will be provided to the candidates as a proof of their understanding of the course curriculum.


Human Resource Certification Objectives


Post successful completion of the course, candidates will be able to:

  • Get an in-depth insight into all the managerial activities of an hr.

  • Enlights the overall view of the entire activities of an hr and how it will lead to organizational excellence.

  • Bring new hr strategies which are aligned with the overall organizational strategy.

  • Evaluate the contribution of Human Resource to the bottom line of all kind of organizations – low, medium, high.

  • Analyze the performance of human resource with the help of tools like “Key Performance Indicators”.

  • Expresses how implementing new strategies increase the competency level of hr.


Target Proficiencies


Some of the competencies that can be skilled are:

  • Initiating and taking the decision in an action.

  • Relating and networking.

  • Planning and organizing events.

  • Analytical thinking.

  • Attaining goals and objectives.

  • Be a tech geek.


ITI Institute is an accredited human resource certification center whose certificate is recognized all over the globe for people who would like to expertise in human resource field. The institute offers real-time training and imparts practical knowledge to the candidates. Hurry for the benefit to be in your hands.


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